While the Original School and the Backyard Gang was still popular with Younger Audiences, it have been pushed past midnight. The Show was revived!

Scheduling and air times Edit

From the first through third seasons, the series aired Monday through Friday, at 5:30pm. Through Season 4, the show aired Monday to Thursday. In its final season, Season 5, it aired Thursdays only at 7:00 pm (later moved a half hour later, to 7:30). The series premiered in April 1996, ended in November 2000 and went off the air in 2016.

BYG Playhouse Edit

The Show was known for its Comedy Skits. BYG Movies was somewhat similar,parodying popular Movies, Books, TV Shows, and Full House. During the final season, some of the skits showed everyday occurrences experienced by teens, often teaching viewers a lesson on how to handle real-life situations.

BYG Sci Edit

The Series featured Science Activities sent in by Viewers and the Backyard Gang challenged Fans to try these at Home.

Songs Edit

Since Season 2, the show had Songs, Season 1's Christmas Episode had songs too.

Kids Guide to Life Edit

In 2000, Disney released a Franchise called "Kids Guide to Life" the Episodes were:

  • Teeth make me smile: Frankie loses his first teeth and shows Sarah
  • Yummy Yummy: Mike and Sarah try new foods
  • Justin's No Light Fright Night: Justin can't sleep, so he should sleep and dream.

School and the Backyard Gang Cast Edit

The most popular of the Backyard Gang Kids was the Red Team

  • Caroline Botelho
  • Justin Bieber
  • Paul Michael Levesque
  • Simon Pryce
  • Gabi Douglas
  • Patrick Patterson
  • Sarah Rose (Was in White Team for Seasons 4 to 5, and was in the Red Team from Seasons 2 to 3)

The Other Backyard Gang Members were...

  • Kenneth "Kenny" Yates (4th and 5th Year)
  • Britney Spears (Season 2 only)
  • Nicholas "Nick 'Nicky'" Andreasen (Season 1 only)
  • Michael "Mike" Jamrocz (Was in Red Team in Season 2 and Blue Team in Season 3)

the White team was Kevin "Buzz" Barrette, Ruby Bothleo, Alisa Besher, Kaleigh Cronin, Gabrielle Margas, Isaac Mirror, Raleigh "Frankie" Murz, Johnny Depp, Lexine Bondoc, Charles "Charlie 'Chuck'" Havock, Aspen Clark, and Maria Sheridan

Matt Lauer and Taylor Swift auditioned among 3,000 Kids but didn't get in.

the 27 Backyard Gang Members and each Season they were featured in

Backyard Gang
Backyard Gang Members Years Seasons
1 2 3 4
Caroline Botelho 1999-2000 -
Gabriel "Gabi" Douglas 1996-1997 - -
Justin Bieber 1998 -
Sarah Rose 1997-2000 - - *
Paul Michael Levesque 1997 -
Simon Pryce 1996 -
Patrick Patterson 1998 -
Buzz Barrette 1999-2000 -
Naura Pole 1998 _
Kenny Yates 1999-2000 - - -
Mark Amidan 1996 *
Britney Spears 1997 -
Alisa Besher 1998-1999 - -
Ruby Bothleo 1996 -
Mike Jamrocz 2000-2001 - *
Kaleigh Cronin 2000
Gabrielle Margas 1996 -
Isaac Mirror 1999 -
Frankie Murz 2000
Johnny Depp 1996 -
Lexine Bondoc 1998-1999 - -
Johnny Depp 1996 -
Aspen Clark 2000
Maria Sheridan 1996-1997 - -