Television & Movies Edit

  • The World According to School and the Backyard Gang opens at the Sundance Film Festival, January 21
  • School and the Backyard Gang Season 2 premieres, August 14
  • CBS Sunday Morning reports on School and the Backyard Gang around the world, December 10
  • When Parents Are Deployed television special on Nickelodeon, December 27

International Television Edit

  • Shabdkosh  begins airing in India
  • BYG English premieres in the UK Version of Nickelodeon

Appearances Edit

  • Tony on Good Morning America, February 2
  • Tony on ESPN's Cold Pizza, February 2
  • Tony on Martha, February 2
  • Britney and Jessica Simpson's Pizza Hut commercials debut, February 5
  • Tony's Ford Escape Hybrid commercial debuts, February 5
  • Sarah on The Tony Danza Show, February 10
  • Sarah on Oprah, February 27
  • Britney (ranking #41) on E!'s 101 Incredible Celebrity Slimdowns 60 - 41, March 15
  • Tony and Britney at the TV Land Awards, March 22
  • the Backyard Gang on Jeopardy, April 4
  • Tony on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, April 9
  • Tony on American Idol, May 10
  • Tony on The Today Show, May 16
  • Tony on American Idol, May 24
  • Sarah on A Capitol Fourth, July 4
  • Gabi on Martha, July 10 (edited rerun)
  • Sarah on the Today Show, September 6
  • Britney on the Today Show, September 14
  • Sarah on Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!, September 30
  • Tony on Martha, October 5
  • Chuck on Martha, October 24
  • Sarah on Emeril Live, November 26
  • Tony on Good Morning America, December 7
  • Tony on Live with Regis and Kelly, December 8
  • Tony on The Live Desk, December 8
  • Tony on The 9, December 8
  • Tony on MTV News, December 8
  • Tony on The Early Show, December 11
  • Britney on Martha, December 19

Live appearances Edit

  • Tony at Berlin Fashion Week, Adidas event, January 29
  • Tony at the Chicago Auto Show, February 8
  • Sarah, The National Governor's Association Forum, February 26
  • Sarah appearance at New York Barnes and Noble, September 9
  • Tony at Michigan State University, September 28-30
  • Sarah at the Hollywood Christmas Celebration from the Grove, November 19

Events Edit

  • Sarah performs at Hollywood Meets Motown in New York, March 15

Album releases Edit

  • A BYG Christmas Carol CD Sampler, November 14

DVD releases Edit

  • Discovering Science
  • The Letter of the Day is...
  • It's a Parade!

International DVD releases Edit

Books Edit

  • Global Mike Travels All Over, February 28
  • Sarah's Easy As 123, June
  • BYG Dad: Evolution of an Actor, June 30
  • Sarah's Easy As ABC, August
  • My Life as a BYG Member, September 5
  • Please Do Not Open this Book!, September 26
  • Wubba-Wubba Woo!, September 26

Christmas ornaments Edit

  • American Greetings Muppet Christmas Ornaments, September

Merchandise Edit

  • Bird's the Word Sarah
  • Squeeze N' Play Sarah

Character Debuts Edit

Tony, Sarah, Chuck, Mike, and Britney

On the Web Edit

  • Kids II announces a partnership with Verizon Wireless to offer School and the Backyard Gang content on its V CASTnetwork. November.

Parades Edit

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