• 4th Anniversray Jam
  • DVD: A Celebration of the Show
  • DVD: That Song?
  • CD box set: 4 Years of Music
  • Book: The BYG Dictionary: 4th Anniversray
  • Album: Are We There Yet?
  • TV spots: My Favorite BYG Moments
  • Internet: Anniversary Website
  • Board game: BYG 4 Years Anniversary Game
  • Board game: BYG Monopoly
  • Card Game: BYG 4th Anniversray UNO
  • Magazine: BYG Magazine, April 1999
  • Event: BYG 4th Anniversay Gala
  • Event: WinterCity, Toronto, Sarah Rose appearance
  • Toy: BYG Mini Collection
  • Toy: Giant Musical PEZ dispensers
  • Toy: Crystal PEZ dispensers
  • Toy: Sababa Toys Wooly Willy
  • Watch: A BYG Watch: 35th Anniversary Edition
  • Christmas Decorations : BYG Christmas 3 piece Miniature Ornament set

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