Segments Edit

  • Logo

    Rita plays a Drum

    Let the Good Times Roll

    Let the Good Times Roll (L-R: Joline, Dorothy, Pete, Kermit, Xing Childs, Lindsey, Nikita, Nikoo, Simon, and Xena)


    Drizzle by Legends and Lore

  • Theme Song
  • Introduction
  • Music Video- Pineapple Rag (Joplin)
  • BYG Song- Let the Good Times Roll
  • BYG Sci- Group Picture
  • BYG Song- Think Happy Thoughts
  • Music Video- Turkish March (Mozart)
  • Music Video- Controdance no 12 (Beethoven)
  • BYG Song- Nap Time
  • BYG Song- Dreams
  • BYG Song- Hold Still
  • BYG Playhouse- Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
  • Dancing Scene (Piano Sonata (Mozart))
  • Music Video- Sonata No 8 (Beethoven)
  • Music Video- Unknown (Strauss II)
  • Cafe BYG- Orange Snow Cream (Season 1)
  • Music Video- Rondo (Beethoven)
  • Music Video- Magic Flute K620 Part 1: Papageno's Aria (Mozart)
  • BYG Do- Sock Monkey Ortament
  • Music Video- La Mer (Debussy)
  • BYG Party (Season 1 (With Nicky))
  • Happy Anniversrey Scene (Symphony no 41 (Mozart))
  • Credits (4 Seasons, Winter (Vivaldi))

Cast Edit

  • Caroline
  • Justin
  • Caroline
  • Patrick
  • Alisa
  • Gabi
  • Mike
  • Lexine
  • Ladysmith Black Manzabo
  • Drizzle the Dragon
  • Divin' Dolphin
  • Rita Lee
  • Christopher Gallo
  • Joline Phillips
  • Dorothy Wagner
  • Pete David
  • Kermit McGullon
  • Xing Curry
  • Lindsey Price
  • Xing Childs
  • Ian Sheridan
  • Nikoo Albuquerque
  • Nikita Gallo
  • Simon Moore
  • Aliah Tatasciore
  • Xena Robertson
  • Johanna Schulz
  • Nalisha Mothersbach
  • Misty Besher
  • Penelope Myers
  • Connie Zills
  • I Salina
  • Donald Jacobs
  • Yvette Bondoc
  • Santiago Jones
  • Fredia Anderson

Deleted Scenes Edit

Bonus Video: Classical Toys Edit

Ludwig Van Beakhoven Conducts The Orchestra


Pop Up Bears

Toy Symphony

Ludwig Van Beakhoven Hears Ode To Joy

Piano Sonatina No. 16 1st movement

Bantam Of The Opera Trumpets Like An Elephant


Rolling Caterpillar

Ball Book Balloons

Ludwig Van Beakhoven Sings Laaaaaaaaa!

Leonardo Da Finchi And Ludwig Van Beakhoven Play Hide And Seek

Symphony No. 3

Bantam of the Opera Sings In High And Low Notes

Toy Crab


Cat Metronome

Charles Darwing Flys A Plane

Rondo Alla Turca

Jane Aust-Hen And Ludwig Van Beakhoven sing Ah! vous dirai-je maman When The Song Is Over Ludwig Sings A Low Note

Duck Cow Cat And Dog Pictures

The Clock

Charles Darwing Dresses Like A Frog And Says Ribbit!

Ball Slide

Stacking Rings Shape Sorter Bus Shape Sorter

Emily Chickenson Plays A Xylophone

Flipping Dog

Toy Train With Dog And Cat

Sonata For 2 Pianos

Ludwig Van Beakhoven Sneezes To The Music Of Symphony No. 5

Food Pictures

Toy Truck

Allegro For A Flute Clock For Flute Trio

Ludwig Van Beakhoven Plays A Saxophone And He Drops It

Penguin Metronome


House Marble Runs

Flamingo On A Ball

Ludwig Van Beakhoven Jane Aust-Hen and Leonardo Da Finchi are having a Parade (Music: Turkish March, Op. 113)

Ode To Joy

Leonardo Da Finchi Blows Party Horns And Throws Them Away


Jane Aust-Hen Gets Blown Away By The Wind

Classical Toys Deleted Scenes Edit

Rosy Sneeze

Bantam of the Opera Holds A Rose And Sneezes At It

Long Red Boa

Bantam of the Opera Wears A Mardi Gras Mask And He Finds A Long Red Feather Boa

Green Balloon

Ludwig Van Beakhoven Flies With A Green Balloon When He Lets Go Off The Ballon He Crash Lands

Look Up!

Leonardo Da Finchi Looks Up And Balls Fall On Him

Little Sneeze Big Sneeze

Leonardo Sneezes Quietly And Loudly


Jane Aust-Hen Sneezes

Flute Voice

Jane Aust-Hen Speaks In A Flute Voice Because The Viewers Scared Her

Raining Bubbles

Emily Chickenson Sees Raining Bubbles And Eats Them

Feather Sneeze

Emily Chickenson Sees Feathers And Sneezes


Marco Pollo Makes The Sound Of A Klaxon Horn

Sunflower Sneeze

Marco Pollo Sees A Sunflower And Sneezes

Party Hard

Marco Pollo Parties Hard

Polite Sneeze

Charles Darwing Sneezes Politely

Purple Balloon

Charles Darwing Shakes A Purple Balloon

Discovering Gravity

Sir Isaac Hooton Discovers Gravity

Symphony Sneeze

Sir Isaac Hooton Sneezes And Then His Glasses Are Gone

Spinning Spectrum

Sir Isaac Hooton Blows A Pinwheel

Goofs Edit

  • The Orcestra Tune Up is the Same as Sleep
  • Julie Clark's opening voiceover is slightly off from the audio during the warning screen.
  • After the tune up ends there is no page curl transition.
  • It plays the ZOOMy Mozart Finale music in the Finale. We know this because theyre playing Symphony no 41 (Mozart) which is ZOOMy Mozart's closing music.
  • In the last seen before the end credits. When the confetti drops on the spider toy (in style of Joe Patterson), you can barely hear the clapping in the applause.
  • When the end credits begin. the confetti magically vanishes even though theres no way it disappeared that fast and Julie Clark didn't even clean it up in that amount of time.
  • Earlier in the video, Rita Lee was playing a drum, but before the thank you screen comes up in the end credits, she's now playing a violin.
  • The title cards For the Music Pieces and finale and the thank you screen are missing in the 2008 version.

Gallery Edit

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