A Celebration of the Show is a School and the Backyard Gang DVD set released on April 24, 1999 , to celebrate the show's 4th Anniversray.

Guest stars featured in clips on the set include: Madeline Kahn, James Taylor, Patti Labelle, Batman, Lena Horne, Happy Days' Fonzie, the Star Wars droids, Mister Rogers, Diana Ross, Pee-wee Herman, Feist, Smokey Robinson, Destiny's Child, and Robert De Niro, in addition to the various celebrities who appear in "Hold Still " and "Think Happy Thoughts ".

Each disc begins with a TV Montage introduced by Alisa  and featuring one clip from each of the 4 seasons (all of which are presented within the main program). Each period begins with a look through a scrapbook representing the time periods, and many clips begin with behind-the-scenes photos related to the clip (with the first few seconds of audio heard over the picture). The set also comes with a commemorative booklet, a shortened 24-page version of the BYG Dictionary . Early copies were hardcover, but when distribution switched from Family Home Entertainment to Disney  the booklet was changed to paperback.