Aleph Bet is an Episode of Lecole I Ani Backyard Gang in Hebrew (The 60's based).

Plot Edit

  • Rachel welcomes the Viewer but sees the Aleph Bet- It's Gone!
  • Rachel hosts the Aleph Bet Telephon and finds Aleph.
  • Just One Person (1962 Version)
  • David finds Bet
  • Kids race
  • Mai calls David
  • Qof and Tet are found in Space
  • Rachel finds Zayin, Samech, Ayin, Tsade, Shin, and Tav
  • BYG Video- Sarah finds out what a School is Like
  • Kelly calls David
  • BYG Song- Connie and Sarah sing the Alphabet
  • Hey and Chet are Found
  • Kids race again
  • Yod is found by Kelly and David
  • Marlee sings Sing
  • A Pay is Found
  • The Hebrew Word of the Day
  • Pay starts with Pita
  • BYG Playhouse- Aladdin
  • Bet Gimmel and Dalet are found
  • Cafe BYG- Jamal makes Chocolate Bowls
  • Kat Nun Yav and Resh are found
  • BYG Do- Bobble Heads
  • There's One Letter Away!
  • Sarah and Connie hear the Sweet Dreams Song
  • ... and It's Yod!
  • 20 and the Aleph Bet are the Sponsers that David announces
  • Kelly cries

Trivia Edit

  • Kelly didn't appear until Season 3