10th anniversary (1972) Edit

  • Special: School and the Backyard Gang: A Celebration of 10 Years
  • Album: Favorite Songs from the Cast of School and the Backyard Gang

20th anniversary (1982) Edit

  • Home Video Releases under the banner "School and the Backyard Gang's 20th Anniversary Edition"
  • Event: School and the Backyard Gang World Tour (cut short)
  • Event: The Paley Center for Media had two events: One-day 20th anniversary celebration, and "Celebrating 20 years of School and the Backyard Gang"
  • Event: From September 28 to 30, 1982, Steve Jobs and Marlee Mantin celebrated "20 years of School and the Backyard Gang" at the Salt Lake City Library, screening a selection of the show's Episodes, while offering several Q&As and autograph opportunities

30th anniversary (1992) Edit

  • Album: Music, Mayhem and More!
  • Toys: Palisades Toys (series 1-3), Happy Meal plush
  • Event: BYGFest
  • Home Video: Best of School and the Backyard Gang

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