BYG Do is a Craft Related School and the Backyard Gang segment with Artsy Abigail and a BYG Member

Crafts Edit

  • Star Jar (Season 1 (With Gabi))
  • Toy Story Night Light (Season 4 (With Sarah))
  • Snoopy Pumpkin (Season 3 (With Lexine and Alisa))
  • Disney Eggs (Season 2 (With Britney))
  • Batman Eggs (Season 1 (With Charlotte and Nicky))
  • Rapunzel Bookmarks (Season 3 (With Patrick))
  • Notebooks (Season 1 (With Gabi))
  • Christmas beads (Season 3 (With Justin))
  • Bow and Arrow (Season 5 (With Aspen))
  • Curious George's Christmas Ortament (Season 1 (With Nicky))
  • Mother's Day Frame (Season 3 (With Tatina))
  • Chewbacca from Star Wars (Season 4 (With Lexine))
  • Spongebob (Season 4 (With Lexine and Isaac))
  • Jungle Book Diorama (Season 5 (With Aspen))
  • Unicorn Headband (Season 2 (With Sarah))
  • Star Wars Egg (Season 1 (With Ruby and Maria))
  • Tiara and Magic Wand of Cinderella (Season 4 (With Alisa))
  • Father's Belt (Season 3 (With Danny and Norah))
  • Backyard Gang masks (Season 2 (With Mike and Sarah))
  • Super Joseph Jetpack (Season 1 (With Gabi and Maria))
  • DIY Reindeer (Season 3 (With Tatina))
  • Hello Kitty Pencilcase (Season 4 (With Frankie Caroline and Alisa))
  • Hero Pencils (Season 2 (With Mike and Sarah))
  • Yeti Hat (Season 2 (With Mike))
  • Blime (Season 1 (With Charlotte and Simon))
  • Unicorn Hair (Season 2 With Sarah))
  • Corn Husk dolls (Season 1 (With Charlotte))
  • Snow Globe (Season 2 (With Mike))
  • Snap Crackle Jump (Season 1 (With Maria))
  • Spoon Craft (Season 1 (With Maria))
  • Gum Wrapper Chain (Season 3 (With Patrick))
  • Candy Photo Frame (Season 4 (With Alisa))
  • Straw Kazoo (Season 2 (With Sarah))

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