School and the backyard gang's 3rd Episode premired in January 3 1996.

Segments Edit

  • BYG Zinger- Skiing (With Gabi, Nicky, and Simon)
  • BYG Do- Notebooks (With Charlotte)
  • BYG Song- 5 Little Monkeys (With Gabi, Charlotte, and Ruby)
  • BYG Sci- Lightbulbs of Fire (With Johnny and Maria)
  • BYG Chat- Moving (With Nicky, Maria, Ruby, and Simon)
  • BYG Vid- What Makes Zach say EW!: Paper Bag
  • BYG Playhouse- A Movie
  • BYG Party- Charlotte

Cast Edit

  • Charlotte Costleo
  • Gaby Douglas
  • Simon Pryce
  • Billy "Johnny" Gordon
  • Nick "Nicky" Andreasen
  • Monique "Ruby" Bothleo

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