School and the backyard gang's 59th Episode premired on Febuary 9 1998

BYG Phoneom and Plot Edit

  • BYG Zinger- Alisa hosts a Sleeping Bag Race in the Treehouse. But the backyard gang keeps falling down!
  • Cafe BYG- Lexine makes "NO bake Cake"
  • BYG Chat- Danny, Alisa, Patrick, and Naura talk about Pen Pals and what they write to them.
  • BYG History- Lexine goes back to the time of Royalty
  • BYG Rhymes- Miss Booka reads Gorgie Porgie requested by Olivia Sally of Orlando Florida
  • BYG Playhouse- Miss Booka reads Anansi requested by the backyard gang
  • BYG Tales- Freddy reads Cinderella

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