• Addie- Sleeping in Baby Bear's Bed as Goldilocks in Episode 318
  • Aline- After Hearing a Lullaby, she falls asleep exausted in Episode 401; Episode 309 learning to Wistle getting exausted
  • Annie- Gains Heavy Bags of Eyelids trying to sleep in Episode 102; In BYG Game from Rhyme a BYG Rhyme Book, she also gains Eyelids in Episode 409 and Episode 201
  • Anthony- Sleeping in Episode 617 in a Game, Relaxing in 628, sleeping in 641, listening to a Lullaby in Episode 721, and sleeping in Episode 737.
  • Antonio- Episode 312, While Sleeping
  • Bob- Episode 601 falling asleep on the Camera, Sleeping in Episode 608 after he yawns, and sleeping making huevos rancheros for Caroline in Episode 617
  • Buzz- Getting slapped by Rachel in Episode 203 walking around like a Zombie
  • Buzz- sleeping in Episode 302 and 201
  • Caroline- At a Sleepover with Annie in Episode 409, Sleeping in a Bed in Episode 332 and another one with Miles and Kelly in Episode 722
  • David- Sleeping in Episode 102 and 201
  • Emily- Episode 216 and 201
  • Emmi- Episode 102; Episode 131, Episode 140, Episode 201, Episode 223, Episode 231, Episode 301, and Episode 332
  • Iesha- Getting bored in Episode 102
  • Jamal- Getting Lower Lids in Episode 129
  • Kelly- Sleeping in Episode 722 on the Floor with Miles and Caroline
  • Kenny- Falling out of the "O" at the Theme Song
  • Marlee- When i grow up in episode 332

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