Full House was a live-action series produced by Warner Bros. following the success of School and the Backyard Gang. Developed by BYG alumni, including executive producer Jeff Mendelssohn, the program ran on ABC from 1987 to 1996. 192 episodes were produced.

While School and the Backyard Gang was targeted primarily at Teenage Children and was Educational and Comedy, Full House was Comedy. Much like School and the Backyard Gang, there was no one central set equivalent to School and the Backyard Gang as the primary starting point. Its slogan was "for the graduates of School and the Backyard Gang."

The show also utilized a repertory cast portraying a variety of recurring and one-shot characters, in contrast to the central human figures on the BYG, who generally had fixed names and identities. The company included such name players as Jodie Sweeten and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Others were including Bob Saget.

Recurring characters included Danny Tanner, Joey Gladstone, Jesse Tanner, Jodie Sweeten, the Olsen Twins, and a handful of guest appearances by the BYG Cast.

In 2016, Netflix began a Revival for the Series called Fuller House.

Appearances Edit

  • Australian Actor Simon Pryce didn't just steal the Show on School and the Backyard Gang but also a Episode of Full House. With DJ studying for her Science Project, Simon visits the Tanner Household. Jesse and Danny also teach him the finer points of scowling. After Simon shows Michelle how to use capitalization and punctuation to reveal that the message was "Don't lose your way.", he passes advice to Stephanie. But Simon and Kimmy Gibbler did not share any scenes.
  • Gabi Douglas meets and falls for Kimmy Gibbler in a Episode of Full House. BYG Fans looked out for this Episode.
  • There was so many hype leading up to another Full House Episode that these 2 Shows were mixed again. Since this Episode is a Classic in the Making, This is what People want from a BYG/Full House Crossover. Gabrielle visiting San Fransisco has a lot of Refrences. The Best part is seeing Gabrielle interact with Michelle. As Gabrielle sings an extended musical tribute to her role model, Michelle, she also meets Stephanie, Danny, and Jesse.

Note: This was Gabrielle Margas' First Appearance on TV

In 1996, the Cast of Full House met the Season 1 Cast in the prime-time special Out to Lunch.

David Luther appeared on the cover of an issue of the "Full House Magazine"

In "Welcome to my Zoo", Connie appears

In a Book, Bob does his famous rubbing hands trick

References Edit

  • An Full House book is seen on a table when Sarah dresses up like Jasmine at Disney World
  • In a Season 2 Game, Maria shouts the Theme Song's Title, "Everywhere you Look" to Create Silence

Mentions Edit

  • In Our Very First Show Joey Gladstone briefly impersonates  Connie to try and cheer baby Michelle up.
  • In Our Very First Night, Stephanie and D.J. sneak down to the kitchen and are confronted by uncle Jesse, who asks, "Aren't you supposed to be in bed dreaming about Tweety Bird or Big Bird or Larry Bird or something, BYG Sci?"
  • In "Cutting It Close," Stephanie is playing "Pretend Beauty Parlor." Imitating gossipy conversation, she asks, "So, did you hear that Bob on BYG in Dating?"
  • In the cold open for "Pal Joey," DJ tells Michelle about cute boys, citing George Michael and Michael J. Fox, but Michelle warms up to Bob.
  • In "Up on the Roof", Joey Gladstone hums the Theme Song
  • In "Tanner's Island", the family is toasting each other while on a seemingly deserted island, and Michelle says "Here's to Bob from School and the Backyard Gang"
  • In "Divorce Court", Danny, Joey, and Jesse challenge each other to a race, and the winner gets to pick the losers costumes for a Halloween carnival. Before the race, Joey tells Danny and Jesse that he's already decided on their costumes, Bob and Anthony
  • In "The Greatest Birthday on Earth," when Danny and Joey are preparing for Michelle's circus-themed birthday party as they hear the other young kids in the neighborhood arriving, Danny says "My birthday girl is at a gas station and my house is about to turn into BYG Circus!"
  • In "Lust in the Dust," Michelle is eating a Popsicle. Jesse comes up behind her and says, "BYG Bob"

Full House on DVD Edit

In February 2006, The Best of Full House was released on DVD as a 4-disc boxed set. The visits from Gabi, Simon, and Gabrielle were all included—Simon on Disc 2, Gabi on Disc 3, and Gabrielle on Disc 4.

In November 2006, a second 4-disc volume, The Best of Full House Vol. 2, was released, but unlike the previous volume, several episodes were altered from the original versions due to copyright issues.

In March 2007, a retrospective of the series, Full House's Greatest Hits & Bits, was released. A clip from Gabrielle's appearance was included. An additional 29 episodes were made available for purchase on iTunes the same year.

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