Good Night is a musical adaptation of Season 5 by the MTI Broadway Company made in 2000.

MTI's A Year With Frog and Toad gained the attention of Disney, who contacted the theatre company about a collaboration for School and the Backyard Gang. Peter Brosius, artistic director of the CTC, told MTI, "We hired a writer, did a private workshop last summer that the folks from New York flew out to see and fell in love with. We are thrilled about it, obviously, but we're taking it one step at a time." [1]

Disney approved a treatment for the production by Barry Kornhauser in which the Kids are "embodied by seven humans", the first play's ones were Travis Lee (Frankie), Hoi Kiu Chan (Sarah), Trevor Luk (Buzz), Hannah Lee (Caroline), Hannah Cheng (Aspen), Johnson Lee (Kenny), and Audrey Seta (Kaleigh).

The show started in September 8 2000 in Tokyo, Japan.

Musical numbers for the show include the classic School and the Backyard Gang songs "I like to Dance", I the Name Game", "Keep Trying", "I am So Happy", "Joey Doodle", "Dreams", "Bedtime Lullaby", as well as two new pieces composed for the show - "How Can I Sleep?" and "Caroline's Lullaby." [2]

a Loaf of Bread and tap-dancing sheep appear, puppeteered by teens; Markie Shcolz trained them. The puppets themselves (along with scenery and costumes) were developed by G.W. "Skip" Mercier, whose credits include the Walt Disney World musical adaptation of Finding Nemo (with music by Avenue Q's Jeff Marx). Eric J. Van Wyk provided further consultation of the puppetry. [3]

Generic merchandise was available, as well as show-specific kid-size T-shirts and miniature soccer balls.

Gallery Edit

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