Greetings is a 1998 School and the Backyard Gang Episode a "crossover" between the School and the Backyard Gang characters and the classic Little Golden Books character The Poky Little Puppy.

The Kids Start off saying hello to Everyone at Studio C.

the Kids then sing "The Name Game" so they can know Everyone's Name. Patrick gets the Game started and everyone repeats and takes a Turn to sing.

Poky has once again dug a hole under the fence and wandered off from his siblings (having smelled something wonderful). He winds up at Studio C, where he gets into Mike's Bed at the BYG House for a Nap. Mike arrives and Wonders who's been sleeping in his Bed. He then takes the puppy to the steps to meet Sarah Alisa and Justin, who recognize the Poky Little Puppy as the literary celebrity he is (to which Poky modestly smiles and wags his tail).

The puppy has to leave now, and the Kids sing Goodbye to him.

Characters Edit

  • The Poky Little Puppy
  • Justin
  • Sarah
  • Patrick
  • Naura
  • Alisa
  • Mike
  • Lexine
  • Puppy's Brothers and Sisters

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