Lecile i ani backyard gang is the Isral co production of School and the Backyard Gang (1996-1999) in 1998-2001

History Edit

Lecole I Ani Backyard Gang was eproached by Henson Acossicates and Jim Henson Productions. Cheryl Henson was the Founder and Creator of the Show, but she was not Jewish. It wasn't easy putting Hebrew into Preschoolers' Mouths, Cheryl thought to herself "Why not put School and the Backyard Gang in the Bible Languege?", millions of Christian Kids auditioned in a Church to be part of the show. There were very few Script Langueges to produce for the Episodes for the Jim Henson Company to make and it spoke english too. The Cast was all from Isral.

Cast Edit

  • Gavri- Yahab Shoster
  • Azriela- Mai Jacobson
  • Reuvena- Linoy Kapach
  • Yosef- Tom Baromer
  • Yochanan- Etti Lijishal
  • Hadasa- Ran Baker
  • Tikva- Noper Brailovsky
  • Atayla- Noy Ben Ami
  • Emma- Amir Lakener
  • Ayram- Hehaiman Rader
  • Avinadav- Tal Balahusky
  • Daniel- Hill Gratizer
  • Yochanan- Ido Ben Yosef
  • Shoshan- Ira Biram
  • Chana- Yana Kotlyar
  • Geula- Nehemia Hader
  • Noach- Yahala Lashmich
  • Eitan- Nir Oaknin

See Also Edit

  • School et la Ariere Cour Gang

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