Letter Party is a Video for Interactive Vision by View Master Game System. Made in 1967, it is a Interactive Home Video.

Official Plot Edit

Join Bob on a Wonderful Adventure so you can 'learn and play the ABC's. Filled with music by and Beethoven, Letter Party is a Fun way to get your Little One set for The Alphabet [1]


  • Bob decides to draw a Clown out of 96 Crayons
  • The Kids sing the Alphabet Song
  • Intro
  • A
  • A Clown sees the Letter A
  • Music Video about A (Minuet in G)
  • A Crayon yells like Tarzan and plays in the Leaves
  • B
  • Bob creates the Letter B music Wood
  • A Clown sees the Letter B
  • Music Video about B (Symphony No 1)
  • C
  • Kelly helps Anthony make the Letter C
  • A Clown sees the Letter C
  • Music Video about C (Soniata in G)
  • A Crayon tap dances
  • D
  • Caroline dances Ballet with the Letter D
  • A Clown sees the Letter D
  • Music Video about D (Turkish March op. 113)
  • E
  • Bob uses a Fan to blow away all the Sand and create the Letter E
  • A Clown sees the Letter E
  • Music Video about E (Rondo in C)
  • The Kids sing the Alphabet Song again
  • A Clown sees falling Letters
  • Credits

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