Night is a BYG DVD released in 1998. It features segments from the Episode, Sleep

Official description Edit

It’s nighttime at Studio C and Sarah doesn’t want to go to sleep yet, she wants to play! Patrick shows Sarah why everyone needs sleep. Children will enjoy this soothing tale as we watch Sarah and her friends get ready for bed; and parents will love the great strategies Patrick uses to get Sarah to sleep. But what if you are afraid of the dark, as Justin is? Filled with lullabies and a special favorite book, dreams and happy thoughts; this video will enchant children of all ages, if they don’t fall asleep before it ends! Featuring the special DVD extra of Andrea Bocelli singing “Time to Say Goodnight” to Sarah.[1] 

Segments Edit

  • Nap Time (Patrick Version)
  • Girlpool sings Pajama Party
  • Think Happy Thoughts (The Carpenters and Justin Version)
  • Alisa walks in the Grass and Julie Clark recites Teneese Williams' Poem Heavenly Grass (Fur Elise; Beethoven)
  • Dreams (BYG Version)
  • The Lullaby Song by Justin Bieber
  • A Trip to the Farm
  • Danny draws a Dog (stolen from And to all a Good Night)
  • Counting Sheep (stolen from the Big Sleep)
  • Rest your Head (stolen from Isaac's First Big Sleepover Bash)