It was changed into Playdate Fun in 1973 and on DVD in 1978

Segments Edit

  • Drumming Bear
  • Intro
  • Floating Star Candles (Replaced by Balloons in 1973 and Playful Critters in 1979)
  • Music Video- Album for the Young for Piano op. 68 (Schuman)
  • Fruit (Menuetto (Beethoven))
  • Bob's Hand-Rubbing Trick
  • Piano Sonata no 13 in A Major 3rd Movement (Schubert)
  • Elephant next to Globe
  • String Quaret in B (Beethoven) (Playdate Releases only)
  • Crab Menterome
  • Adagio (Hayden) (Original Version used in Playtime releases, Reruns Remake used in Playdate Releases)
  • Caterpillar
  • Forest Scenes No. 1 (Schuman) (Playtime releases only)
  • Running Anthony
  • Animals (Menuetto)
  • Rooster
  • Divermento No 2 (Mozart) (Playtime Releases only)
  • Plane
  • Allegro (Dvorak) (Playdate Releases Only)
  • Adagio (Mozart)
  • Dolls (Menuetto)
  • Kelly Dances (Soniata in F (Beethoven))
  • Parade (Nocturne for Piano no 9 (Chopin))
  • Finale (Serenade no 13 (Mozart))
  • Credits (Lullaby (Bhrams) and Adagio (Mozart))

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