Events before 1961 which have relevance to The Original School and the Backyard Gang.

1947 Edit

  • Rachel Riddle born in New Jersey, August 7

1948 Edit

  • Kenny Ramon born in Coneticut, June 8

1949 Edit

  • David Luther born in Arizona, November 29

1951 Edit

  • Emmi Morton born in Coneticut, April 23
  • Jamal Long born in New York, April 16

1953 Edit

  • Annie Douglas born in Illonois, January 9th
  • John Vassar born in Colorado, October 31st

1954 Edit

  • Connie Stevens born in Massachutus, December 21

1955 Edit

  • Steve Jobs born in New York, January 31st
  • Miles Clark born in Calafornia, October 3rd

1956 Edit

  • Iesha Couric born in Oklahoma, July 2nd
  • Marlee Mantin born in New York, October 8th

1957 Edit

  • Caroline Yopez born in Pensylvania, June 1st
  • Kelly Vrooman born in Massachutus, Febuary 8th

1958 Edit

  • Bob Fretz born in Michigan, November
  • Nicky Anderson born in New York, January 9th

1959 Edit

1960 Edit

  • Antonio Telfer born in London

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