Segment Description
Live Introduction Marlee welcomes everyone to the show
Video School and the Backyard Gang Pilot A Video of the Original School and the Backyard Gang pitch pilot is Shown. In the Film, Emmi Morton announces School and the Backyard Gang "a Show for Babies Toddlers and Preschoolers to love and adore". And then the Cast tells viewers about the show.
Live Cast Anthony: I remember 10 Years Ago we were going to be on a Show for Kids. It
Video Theme Song The Screen shows a Video of the Season 1 Theme Song
Live Backstage Steve and Bob use a Checklist for the Show
Live Bob's Welcome Bob welcomes everyone to the Show
Live (pre-recorded audio) Joey Doodle The Cast preforms Joey Doodle
Live News Flash Rachel: I took what i learned 10 Years Ago
Video Veterinarian's Hospital A Video Clip is shown of Vetrinarian's Hospital from Season 1


Backstage Iesha thinks she has Stage Fright
Video Miles' Act A Clip from Season 2 of Miles is Shown
Live All Emmi Vocal Emmi preforms the Blue Danbue
Live Goodbye to Spring Bob preforms Goodbye to Spring
Video "Java" A Season 3 Java Clip is Shown
Live News Flash Rachel is thrown by 250 pennies
Live "What Happened to Show Business" The Kids sing "There's No Buisness like Show Buisness" while a Montage of Show Clips is shown
Live Joe Pasquale comedy act Joe Pasquale does a Comedy Act, introduced by Emmi
Video BYG Sci A Season 4 BYG Sci is shown, done by Connie


"It Feels Like Christmas" Anthony and Connie sing It Fees Like Christmas

Act II Edit

Picture Segment Description
Live Cast Anthony: I shall be always known as one of the Backyard Gang members
Video Camera Test A Clip is shown of the Kids' Clothes being designed for Season 4


Julie Clark Tribute Julie Clark talks about the Show
Video Julie Clark Tribute Video A Video Montage of Julie Clark is shown
Live "Where You At?" The Cast Sings Where You're at

Live (pre-recorded audio)

Picture This The Cast sings Picture this
video BYG Playhouse A Season 4 Video is shown


Never Before Never Again The Cast sings Never Before Never Again
Video BYG Do A Season 5 BYG Do is shown
Live News Flash Rachel announces a Bollner
Video Sing A Season 5 clip is shown


Sing Along the Cast has a Sing Along

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