After the 60's TV Show and a long wait for a new BYG TV Show, School and the Backyard Gang premired on Nickelodon (Moved from CBS) on April 24 1996.

Cast Edit

  • Nick "Nicky" Andreasen
  • Monique "Ruby" Bothleo
  • Gabi Douglas
  • Gabrielle/Gaby Margas
  • Billy "Johnny" Gordon
  • Maria Sheridan
  • Simon Pryce

Scenes Edit

  • BYG Do
  • Story Circle
  • BYG Too (BYG Along known since Season 2)
  • Cafe BYG
  • BYG Party (Birthday Vids and Birthday Cards)
  • BYG Playhouse
  • BYG Rhymes
  • BYG Tales
  • Adventures of Super Simon and his Cool Pen (Which i call pencil)
  • BYG Guest
  • BMail
  • BYG Chat
  • Write a School and the Backyard Gang Episode

Format Edit

  • Science in BYG Sci
  • Crafts in BYG Do
  • Pre-Existing Stories in the Story Circle
  • History in BYG Too/BYG Along
  • Recipies in Cafe BYG
  • Songs in BYG Rhymes (Nursrey Rhymes)
  • BYG Tales Fairy Tales
  • Kids' sent in Bday Cards on TV and starring in Birthday Vids in BYG Party

Episodes Edit

  • Episode 101- The Premire Episode; Wendy makes cookies
  • Episode 102- Gabrielle makes a Star Jar
  • Episode 103- In Bmail, a girl talks about moving to a new street
  • Episode 104- Gravity and Math with Issac Newton and Johnny
  • Episode 105- Making Batman Eggs
  • Episode 106- Gabrielle's Apple
  • Episode 107- The return of Sir White
  • Episode 108- Making Butterfly Cake with Ruby
  • Episode 109- Zebra Cake with Nicky
  • Episode 110- Christmas
  • Episode 111- The Making of School and the Backyard Gang

Sources Edit

Previos Season: N/A

Next Season: Season 2 (1997)

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