Season 1 was a Season of BYG 60's with premire on Jamuary 1962

Season plot Edit

The Show taught kids to sing and play with some kids called "The backyard gang" played by kids from a Music Career, they had to be on the show to guest star on other TV shows or be in Commercials

Theme Song Edit

  • BYG: We're gonna play with School and the backyard gang 'cause we're gonna sing and have a ball... which is the most ecxiting of all! Everybody's movin' now and everybody's grovin' now! We're Gonna play with school school school and the backyard gang! You must play with Schoola shcoola schoola school and the backyard gang
  • David: I'm David
  • Rachel: I'm Rachel
  • Emmi: I'm Emmi
  • Jamal: I'm Jamal
  • Annie: I'm Annie!
  • Connie: I'm Connie
  • Nicky: I'm Nicky
  • lesha: i'm lesha!
  • BYG: What's Your Name, is it the Same? Come on, Write to us! We can make it fly. Forever let us hold the Banner High (High, High, High) you must Play with School School and the Backyard Gang, You must play with School and the Backyard Gang

Trivia Edit

  • Connie Stevens made a joke she was retiring on the set, but she didn't, she retired after the 5th Season in 1966, Sectember 29

Cast Edit

  • David Luther
  • Rachel Riddle
  • Em "Emmi" Morton
  • Jamal Long
  • Annie Douglas
  • Connie Stevens
  • Nicky Anderson
  • lesha Couric