School and the Backyard Gang Season 4 aired May 11 1999-November 27 1999

Season plot Edit

Season 4 has 3 speical episodes; a Reunion, a Reunion 60's ( Episode #402), and a Theme Park Trip in Orlando, Florida ( Episode #401).

Cast Edit

  • Connie Stevens (One Episode only)
  • David Luther (One Episode only)
  • lesha Couric (One Episode Only)
  • Murray Mason (One episode only)
  • Annie Douglas (One Episode only)
  • Kenneth "Kenny" Yates
  • Caroline Botelho
  • Sarah Rose
  • Lexine Bondic
  • Issac Mirror
  • Kevin "Buzz" Barrette
  • Alisa Besher (of Zoom)
  • Maria (One Episode Only)
  • Danny (One Episode Only)
  • Mike (One Episode only)
  • Patrick (One Episode Only)

Segments Edit

  • BYG Along
  • BYG Playhouse
  • BYG Sci
  • BYG Do
  • BYG Rhymes
  • BYG Tales
  • BYG Songs
  • BYG Zinger
  • BYG Chat
  • Bmail
  • Story Circle
  • What's Up?

Episodes Edit

  • Episode 401- Backyard Gang members have a Good time! Backyard Gang Members visit Orlando in Season 4.After getting so many Letters from Kids to see a Episode outside the studio, the Backyard Gang goes on a Adventure, at a Amusment Park. It's Walt Disney World! They meet their Favorite Characters, and show off their Clothes. Caroline and Buzz make Tire Tracker T Shirts to celebrate it. In the Be Our Guest Restraunt, Alisa bakes up some Turkey Meatloaves With Carrot Ketchup. As they reach the Cove, the BYG Gang takes a Dip.
  • Episode 402- In a School and the Backyard Gang Reunion with 60's Backyard Gang Members, Bob, Kelly, Isaac, and Alisa do a Play about the 1960's because of the Reunion. In a Up, BYG Fans talk about their Favorite School and the Backyard Gang Moments. The Backyard Gang Members soon sing "Brave" and Caroline interviews Connie. BYG Guest Cara of Calfornia makes a Memory Book of all 2 BYGs, as Alisa and Bob introduce Bella Match and Teen Girl. John tells Caroline about the Early BYG as John and Iesha get interviewed by Kenny. Isaac introduces a Theme Song sung by Fans as the 60's Reunion Show kicks off with "Roar".
  • Episode 403- Sarah and Lexine make Dancing Raisins, a Science created by Miss C's Class in North Carolina
  • Episode 404- Joey breaks Zoe's phone in a PlusMe Family Play
  • Episode 405- Lexine acts in a play called The Channel Silly Problem
  • Episode 406- Isaac, Kenny, and Sarah do a Play called Ya Rockin'.
  • Episode 407- Sleeping Beauty returns in a play the BYG Does.
  • Episode 408- Caroline makes M-M Bananas, a Recipe inspired by a Recipe requested by Herself.
  • Episode 409- Haberna with sheep,in a Opera preformed by Lexine and Alisa
  • Episode 410- Buzz Alisa and Caroline act in a Play called Three Cha Cha Bears
  • Episode 411- the Backyard Gang sings the ABC's 2 Times.
  • Episode 412- Caroline and Sarah make Bread requested by Adam of Virginia as the BYG Plays a Game called WhoZat Backyard Gang Member requested by Backyard Gang Member, Isaac himself
  • Episode 413- Sarah reads a poem called It's Raining and Pouring
  • Episode 414- Isaac and Kenny act in a Play called Tomato for another vegtable
  • Episode 415- Caroline, Sarah, and Lexine act in a Play called I did that Very Thing
  • Episode 416- Caroline, Sarah, and Alisa act in a Play called Three Witches
  • Episode 417- Sarah makes Bee Treats, a Recipe requested by herself
  • Episode 418- Isaac makes Chinese Rice, a Recipe created by the Backyard Gang
  • Episode 419- Kenny and Buzz make Butter, a Science requested by Nick of Minstotta
  • Episode 420- Alisa, Lexine, Sarah, and Caroline have a Reunion with Elder Backyard Gang Members from the First 3 Seasons.

Aditinol Cast Edit

  • Miss Booka
  • Artsy Abigail

Sources Edit

Previous Season: Season 3 (1998)

Next Season: Season 5 (2016)

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