Sing Yourself Silly is a 1965 Season 4 CD. From the 60's

Tracks Edit

  1. Hickory Dickory Dock (Connie, David, Steve, and lesha)
  2. Jack and Jill (Nicky and Connie)
  3. 12345 (Connie, Nicky, Annie, and David)
  4. The Birdies on the Treetops (Annie)
  5. ABC Song (Annie, Maddie, Addie, Caroline, Aline, and Kelly)
  6. What is your name (Addie Nicky lesha and Maddie)
  7. Lazy Mary (Steve, and Maddie)
  8. One misty moisty morning (David, Connie, lesha, and Annie)
  9. Mary (Annie and Steve)
  10. Georgie Porgie (Steve and David)
  11. St. Ives (Murray)
  12. Wee Willie Winkie (Aline and David)
  13. Boy Blue (Aline, Addie, and Steve)
  14. To Market (Annie)
  15. 5 Little Ducks (Steve and Murray)
  16. Polly (David, Connie, Nicky, lesha and Murray)
  17. Baa Baa Black Sheep (Murray, Connie, and lesha)
  18. This Old Man (Maddie and Addie)
  19. Michael Finnagain (Connie, Murray, and Aline)
  20. Miss Polly (Connie, Addie, Maddie, Kelly, Murray, lesha, David, Annie, and Nicky)
  21. Toys (Connie and some others)
  22. Girl with a Curl (Connie and Maddie)
  23. Bo Peep (Addie)
  24. See Saw scara down (Steve, Kelly, Aline, Maddie, Addie, and Caroline)
  25. This is the way (Steve, David, and Aline)
  26. Pussy Cat (Aline, Steve, and Addie)
  27. Mary (Latin) (Caroline)
  28. Rub a Dub Dub (Caroline, Maddie, and Addie)
  29. This Little Piggy (David)
  30. Sixpence (Murray and Connie)
  31. Little Nut Tree (The whole backyard gang)
  32. Jack be nimble (Caroline)
  33. Hot Cross Buns (David, Annie, Connie, Nicky, lesha, Murray, Caroline, Maddie, Addie, Steve, Aline, and Kelly)
  34. Pease Porridge Hot and Cold (Steve)
  35. Mother Hubbard (Nicky and lesha)
  36. Old Woman in a Shoe (Addie, and Maddie)
  37. Margrery Daw (David, Annie, Connie, Nicky, lesha, and Murray)
  38. Pat A Cake (Caroline, Maddie, Addie, Steve, Aline, and Kelly)
  39. Three Little Kittens (Annie, David, Connie, and Nicky)
  40. Tommy Tucker (Steve)
  41. Lucy Locket (Caroline)
  42. Jack Horner (Murray, Nicky, Aline, Caroline, and Steve)
  43. Miss Muffet (Annie and David)
  44. Peter Piper (David)
  45. Where is my dog (Connie and lesha)
  46. Betty Botter (Aline)
  47. Little Star (The Backyard Gang)
  48. Just One Person (The Whole Backyard Gang)
  49. Rock A Bye Baby (Annie and lesha)
  50. Skye Boat (David and Connie)
  51. Golden Slumbers (Aline)
  52. Bhram's Lullaby (The Sing Along Men, Connie, and Nicky)
  53. Pretty Little Horses (Sing Along Men and Aline)