• BYG Sci- Water Filter
  • Whatzup- Dark
  • BYG Song- Nap Time
  • BYG Guest- Kimberly of New York (Replaced by Alisa Besher walking in grass is shown with the poem Heavenly Grass by Tennesee Williams. (Fur Elise WoO 14, Beethoven)

My feet took a walk in the heavenly grass,

All day while the sky shone clear as glass.

My feet took a walk in the heavenly grass,

All night while the lonesome stars rolled past in the Splat Reruns)

  • Cafe BYG- Orange Snow Cream
  • BYG Vid- Rolling
  • Music Video- Allegro for a Flute Clock
  • BYG Song- Think Happy Thoughts
  • Music Video- Gymnopedie No. 1
  • Alisa rides a Robot
  • BYG Song- Dreams
  • Music Video- Bolero
  • Music Video- Polka for Piano in E-flat major, Memories of Pilsen
  • BYG Sci- Daredevil Ball Jump II

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