"Sleep" is a BYG Music Video released in 2000


  • Music Video- Ah Vous Dirai Je Maman by Mozart
  • A Man counts sheep (partial)
  • BYG Spidey- Spiderman pretends that he is on the moon
  • Music Video- Water Music Suite no 1 in F "Air" by Handel
  • Music Video- The Four Seasons "Winter" by Vivaldi
  • The King's Problem with Aspen Clark
  • 'My Loves" by Langston Hughes narrated by Aspen Clark and Anasi the Spider
  • Music Video- Soniata in G by Beethoven
  • Music Video- Minuet in G by Bach
  • Kinderscene by Schuman


  • Aspen Clark
  • Frankie Murz (Also appears as Spiderman)
  • Kaleigh Cronin

Official PlotEdit

Listen to Music by Schuman Mozart Handel Vivaldi Beethoven and Bach to help Sooth your Baby. Join Backyard Gang Members Aspen Clark Frankie Murz and Kaleigh Cronin as they pretend that Frankie is on the Moon, Aspen reading the King's Problem, Aspen and Anasi reading the My Loves Poem by Langston Hughes and Kaleigh playing with a Star


  • Aspen Clark was insisted on keeping her Deeper Voice on the Set [1]

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