Straat is the School and the Backyard Gang co-production that airs in the Netherlands. It is produced by NPS.

The Dutch Backyard Gang Members are Pino, Tommie, Ieniemienie, Purk, Angsthaas and Stuntkip.

Troel was featured during the second season. The actors portray abstracted roles of typical caretakers, such as a working mother, modern father, grandmother, grandfather, big sister, et cetera.

Like most of the American School and the Backyard Gang Hosts, Pino and Tommie went through major changes through the years.

Each episode is centered around a certain theme, like "Animals", "Fear", "Traffic", "Death/Sad", etc. There is also a bit more freedom about subjects like 'going to the bathroom' or 'saying dirty words'. Straat doesn't focus primarily around letters and numbers, like the American Sesame Street does, but rather around social values. Unlike the original target group in America, all the children in the Netherlands get to learn letters and numbers in school. Some of the cognitive items are adjusted to fit in the Dutch education; letters of the alphabet, for instance, are pronounced phonetically (the letter M is pronounced "m" instead of "em") so that children know how to use them when learning how to read.

A regular Straat episode starts with a studio sequence, and usually ends with one of the actors reading a story to the children visiting the studio. Fifty percent of the show consists of dubbed American inserts, the other 50 percent is original Dutch material. The Dutch material consists of street scenes (including recurring scenes), "music videos" (both live action and cartoons), performances by mime artists, clowns and puppeteers (like Hakim and Lejo) and live action scenes on location with kids.

A new quantity of American clips is dubbed for each season, whereas clips from earlier seasons still remain a big part of the series as well. Edited episodes of BYG Guest have been featured since the new show, as well as Sarah Says.