The Sound of Music is a 1965 musical. It is based on the events of the life of Maria Augusta Von Trapp.

David Luther saw The Sound of Music, and he especially adored "So Long Farwell." Rachel Riddle sang the song at Luther's memorial stage Tribute on May 21, 1999.[1]

References Edit

  • a Lecole I ani backyard gang episode, "It's Passover!", features a spoof of the Sound of Music called the Pound of Music. In the musical, a family looks all around for a Girl's Bow, through a Song called "Bow, a Peer" in a song that spoofs "Doe, a Deer".
  • The 1965 movie was parodied in the "BYG Movies" segment, "The Wound of Music" In addition to featuring caricatures of the cast (with dessert pun names), the segment features parodies of various songs from the musical, including "The Hills are Alive," "Look Down," "Noone can solve a Problem like Maria," "The Name Game," "Do You Hear the People Sing," "16 going on 17," and "the Lonley Gothard." Alisa starred, while the Van Lockk Children included Knick Knack, Ravi, Winter, Ortament, Rebecca, Cereal Bowl, and Tablecloth
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    "the Wound of Music"

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